terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

Switch from Linux to Mac

Not at all! I've now been on Ubuntu since 2005.

I love linux as I am able to interface with practically every other OS sans problems.

10 days ago a tech turned up at a client's office to deliver a top of the range HP colour laser wifi scanner printer which required installation of over 250MB of drivers and software on Windows 7 or MAC before it would work.

"Give me 20 minutes" says he!

Me say - "No, me no have 20 minutes!"

Fired up my trusty 3 year-old acer laptop with ubuntu 10.10 aboard.

Went system >> printing

Find network printer

Selected Generic-PostScript-Printer

and the I.T. guy was just standing there with his mouth open and aghast as in 30 seconds a page comes flying out the new unit!!

Much as I appreciate apples as Audis of the desktop world, give me open source and linux any day.

As for looks, who cares. If the OS works, I can live without the flash of Apple and proprietary systems.

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