sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Freeciv crash in Ubuntu 10.10

I am having an ongoing problem which continually ruins playing Freeciv on my Ubuntu 10.10 installation.

I will play for several hours and then in the middle of a seesion, bingo, Freeciv crashes. The game will not restart from that point onwards.

Any help, comments or advice would be appreciated.


Ubuntu 10.10
Gnome 2.32.0
Kernel Linux 2.6.35-25-generic
Intel Celeron M CPU 530 @ 1.73GHZ
Memory: 2.0GB
FreeCiv- server version - Freeciv: 2.2.1-1ubuntu1

Error Message from system.log

Feb 26 08:20:39 xxxusernamexxx kernel: [ 5540.017512] freeciv-server[2221]: segfault at b4 ip 0000000000485b60 sp 00007fff2ae10ae8 error 4 in freeciv-server[400000+185000]

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