domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

Buying a Laptop configured in English in Portugal

STOP!!!!!!!!! Before buying a laptop in Portugal, be aware that 99% laptops in Portugal come with a Portuguese version of Windows installed. I am not sure sure about the current situation with Widnows 8, but I do know that with Widnows 7 and previous incarnations, one could not easily change the operating system language. Indeed, it was often necessary to get hold of an English version installation disk and reinstall the whole system. The only shops I have ever found that would configure/reinstall new machines with an English language version of Widnows OS were Radio Popular in Guia and Radio Popular in the now-defunct burnt out ex-Portimão Retail Park. If you are happy working with a system in Portuguese, no problem. Otherwise, make sure that the machine you are buying is fully configured in English OR buy an Apple Laptop. With the latter, you can change the language of the operating system on start up or later with ease. A final option, depending on your requirements, might be to buy something like this Tablet Eee Pad Transformer TF300T which is a tablet on steroids with detachable keyboard and being equipped with a Google Android OS, can also be configured into many language with ease.

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