sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

Re: Free webdesign lessons

My reply to an article posted on a forum entitled: "Free webdesign lessons"

" I am very disappointed with webdesigners who charge so much for "maintenance costs" of the webpages they do...."

Sorry, Web designers need to live too!!!!

Specialist coding skills and graphical package training, cost of internet access, good domain and hosting skills do not come cheap!!!

I personally am tired of people and businesses who do not want to pay a reasonable rate for web design, web site maintenance, web site translation, copy writing and web marketing services!!!!!!

A website is not a game!!!! I am tired of half built websites that do not work.

If you want one built to bring good commercial results, one will need to pay a good specialist to manage and market it correctly!

If you want to do it yourself properly be prepared for months of slog!

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