quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Zip Files and Large Uploads

This is very strange.

A fully legal Win XP should normally only be installed in one language Portuguese or English ...not a mixture of both UNLESS one has downloaded other programs and not selected English as the default language.

With many programmes downloaded over the net, the website concerned will detect you are located in Portugal and then proceed to install the programme in Portuguese UNLESS one selects UK as you location or English as your default language when prompted. Mixed languages on Windoze or any machines is not good.

XP should automatically zip files to compressed folders.

However, what has happened here is that WINRAR has been installed on your system and has been selected as the "default" program for zipping files.

To confirm this I have just run a similar process on my other half's XP machine. This does not have Winzip nor WinRar installed. The file I selected zipped automatically using XP's onboard zip facility.

To resolve this zip problem, you would have to either deinstall WinRar or change the default program setting for zip files....not a Newbie 101 job!

Finally, I reckon that even if you zipped the file it still would take 25 minutes to load.

I've just zipped a movie of size 112MB and the resulting zip file size was 93Mb. Based on this, your file would still take 25 minutes to email once zipped. You may well find your email provider may not like this.

Use Youtube as recommended by the others. Howeverm it may well take 25 minutes or longer to upload the movie depending on your line speed and server traffic at the other end.

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Alex disse...

Existem muitos arquivos zip no meu computador. Dentro deles faixas mp3, filmes, softwares e etc .. Depois de alguns arquivos zip foram caiu e eu fiquei muito chateado. Mas de repente o meu amigo me ligou e me recomendou - fix zip files. Resolveu o meu problema para os segundos e sem o pagamento, tanto quanto eu me lembrava.