terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Adsl - Vila Nova de Poiares - Portugal

I've had a look at Vila Nova de Poiares on google maps. It is only a couple of kms from Vila Cha.

Both look big enough to have a PT/SAPO adsl-equipped sub-exchange.

Provided you property is within 4,5 km to 5 km (by phone line - not as the fly crows) of one of these sub-exchanges SAPO ADSL should be possible. However, a big caveat. It may depended on the quality of the infrastructure and cables.

The likely applicable tariff will be this:


This property for sale here:


has adsl according to the post.

It is about 5km from Vila Nova de Poiares past Vila Cha.

I suspect the area is fairly well equipped with adsl equipped exchanges..it will just depend how far you property is from one.

I also suspect that you will be tied to using SAPO as most other ISP's do not find it commercially viable to offer adsl over landlines outside urban areas.

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