domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

Ubuntu Koala Bar Machine

I agree with these comments. I even build websites using linux and open source software.


There is now a version of google chrome for Linux.

Yesterday, I delivered my first very small Linux install to a local bar. They had a five year old machine for use by punters that had been running on an Ubuntu Live CD just for the punters to use Firefox to browse the Internet.

They did not want to spend a fortune on new equipment. However, the motherboard had died.

I got Chipsite in Lagos to supply me with a new machine without a hard drive but with a card reader. Using a 4GB SSD flash card, (the type one uses in cameras) I installed a very stripped down version of Ubuntu from the command line. The installation occupied only 2GB and loaded Google Chrome and Pidgin Messenger.

The machine boots in less than 60 seconds and the browser is fast. It is ideal for a pub machine but one does notice some delay when writing to disk.

Nonetheless, I managed to save the client from having to buy a 160GB hard drive than would never be used. I have made a back up copy of the SSD. If anything goes wrong, I will just clone it onto another 4GB SSD (€ 7.00), drop round, plug it in and away they go.

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