segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009

Widnows vs Linux vs Apple

I have been called out to three clients with Windoze machines in the last three weeks 'cos they could not find a user friendly way to install:

a) a printer
b) a webcam
c) a sapo router

Windows user friendly??????....Ha!

However, I was called to transfer a client's data from his old XP laptop to a brand spanking new Apple 15" Macbook Pro... what a dream!

It's a BMW of PC's! The client who has always felt challenged by his XP machine was roaring around on it when I arrived. However, linux knowledge was useful to configure the inbuilt samba server to talk the XP machine. Mac OS X and upwards is unix (forbear of linux) under the hood.

Very user friendly but these machines are pricey.

However, interesting to note that FNAC in Guia are pushing them big time.

Furthermore, like Linux, with an Apple OSX machine you can select your install language on first boot so there is little risk of buying a laptop in Portugal with Windows aboard and find its installed in Portuguese and then have to buy another copy of Windows in English and do a fresh reinstall.

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