sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

Low Cost Notebooks

For those who don't normally head back to the UK frequently, most Worten/Vobis/Radio Popular shops have been retailing the bottom of the range ASUS EEEpc and acer aspire one here in Portugal for several months now.

Although prices are a bit higher than £99.00, the local ones come with a 2 year local guarantee. Unfortunately, the Windows versions tend to be installed with Windows in Portuguese.

However, although the LINUX version of the Asus EEEpc comes installed in Portuguese, running a simple script in the terminal changes 95% of the operating system and programmes into English. It also runs beautifully with Vodafone/TMN/Kanguru dongles.

Bought one for the other half in July. She travels around Europe a lot and loves it.

Ours came from Chipsite who have shops in Lagos and Lisbon. They also do mail order.

They currently offer the Asus EEEpc with linux for € 195.00


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