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Prepaid Mobile Broadband - Portugal

Vodafone Portugal (as well as TMN - and ) have in the past week launched a new pre-paid rechargeable mobile broadband service which will be useful for persons who only spend a few months of the year in Portugal or who have an unblocked HSPDA modem.

The vodafone product is called: Vita Net

Detail (in Portuguese) can be found

I have published a machine translated version of this page at the bottom of this article. For "loading" read charge.

In summary, the service works as follows:

i) You buy a modem and the first charge of € 10.00 from vodafone. The current cheapest pack if you do not already have a modem is € 54.90.

If you have an unblocked or existing Vodafone Portugal (note must be Vodafone Portugal)modem you can just purchase the starter pack for € 14.90.

The terms of usage as as follows:

1) The first charge of € 10.00 is valid for ten days and for up to 300MB of data over the ten day period.
2) One can then charge up further periods of 5 days and 150MB data validity for € 5.00 per throw.
3) One must charge the account at least once every 120 days to keep it active.
4) Payment can be made in cash at any Vodafone shop or any shop that recharges mobile phones.
5) As this is a pre-paid system you do not need to have a contribuente number to acquire it. This makes it ideal for those making regular but short visits to Portugal or for thos who have unblocked HSPDA modems.
6) VERY IMPORTANT - This package does not allow use of VOIP phone services such as SKYPE!
7) Data transmission speed rated at up to 512 Kbps.

I have verified this information at Vodafone Faro and Vodafone in Faro Airport who stock these units.

I understand that the similar TMN product also includes extra data access through any PT/TMN managed wifi hotspot such as suitably equipped hotels.

No doubt these products will mutate but for now it is a very useful development.

: The information published here is for reference only and could change at any time. I strongly recommend you make sure your computer and location is suitable for use of these products before purchase as i cannot take any liability for any problems that may arise.

NOTE: Prices for modems have increased by an average of € 30.00 in December 2008.

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